”Shallipopi’s album is for yahoo boys and weed smokers” Daniel Regha says


”Shallipopi’s album is for yahoo boys and weed smokers” Daniel Regha says

In a recent Twitter tirade, the controversial Daniel Regha spared no punches in his critique of Shallipopi’s latest musical endeavor, awarding it a mere 1 out of 10.

The hot remark, shared on his Twitter page, went into Regha’s perception that Shallipopi’s debut album, “Presido La Pluto,” was crafted with a specific audience in mind – t”Yahoo boys,” and weed smokers.

While Regha acknowledged that the album had great beats, he minced no words in declaring the lyrical content as a complete zero. He also pointed out the fact that the track “Iyo,” where Shallipopi allegedly sampled Fabo Mo’s “Itendo,”lacked originality.

In a somewhat redeeming light, Regha identified a track, “Jungle,” as more tolerable. Despite the severity of his criticism, he concluded his Twitter rant with a half-hearted “no offence,” suggesting that his remarks were merely his personal opinion.

Shallipopi’s debut album (Presido La Pluto) is a 1/10; The album is made for yahoo boys & weed smokers. The beats were very catchy, but lyrically speaking the songs are a zero.

Furthermore, in the track “lyo”, he kinda sampled

“tendo”, a song by Fabomo who’s another popular Edo artiste. The on!y manageab!e track off the album is Jungle. No offense.”

This musical critique comes on the heels of Regha’s recent dissatisfaction with network providers, particularly MTN. In a commentary from three days ago, he accused them of misplaced priorities, alleging that they lavish millions on advertisements instead of improving their network quality.

Notably, Daniel Regha is no stranger to airing his grievances on social media. His previous target was Big Brother Naija All Stars winner Ile Baye, whose attire at Davido’s party drew his ire. He publicly expressed his disdain, labeling her dress as “disgusting.” In a broader condemnation, he extended his criticism to the entirety of the Big Brother Naija franchise, asserting that it consistently produces role models with questionable moral values.