“Some of you fans do more harm than good to your faves” BBN Pere sends warning note to fans


“Some of you fans do more harm than good to your faves” BBN Pere sends warning note to fans

Pere Egbi has taken a bold stand against the behavior of some fans and ‘shippers’ of the show.

In a series of impassioned tweets, Egbi expressed his concern over how fans’ actions and narratives can sometimes cause more harm than good.

Egbi highlighted the need for fans to refrain from spreading various narratives about their favorite stars, pointing out that these often stem from ignorance and can be damaging. He emphasized the importance of fans recognizing the limits of their involvement in the lives of reality stars.

In a direct address to his fellow Big Brother Niger stars, Egbi urged them to be less gullible and more self-aware. He stressed that reality stars should not let fans’ opinions overly influence their real-life decisions and relationships. This advice is particularly poignant in an era where social media often blurs the line between public persona and private life.

Egbi’s remarks also included a stern message for his colleagues. He encouraged them to have the courage to stand by their beliefs and not let ‘social media nonsense’ control them. He warned that he was just getting started and was prepared to confront some of them more directly, hinting at a deeper level of engagement on these issues.

Specifically targeting ‘shippers’ – Egbi acknowledged that while their actions might stem from admiration, there is a fine line that shouldn’t be crossed. He cautioned against delusion and urged fans to maintain a sense of reality in their support.

Furthermore, Egbi addressed the negative side of fandom, the trolls and haters. He described these individuals as ‘foolish,’ stating that their hateful comments reflect more on their character than on the housemates they target. This part of his message serves as a reminder of the often toxic nature of online discourse.