Nairaland, partially restored after downtime

Nairaland, partially restored after downtime
Nairaland, partially restored after downtime

One of Nigeria’s most popular websites,, has been restored online after it experienced downtime since late Monday.

I was observed that the website was restored a few days after the page showed an error message ‘Host Error,’ which read that the web server was not returning a connection, hence the reason why the site’s page wasn’t displaying.

Nairaland, an online discussion forum, that has dominated Nigeria’s web rankings for almost 20 years, went off the grid after it was it was “taken down” by the host of its server.

TSB NEWS reported that users of the forum had expressed their displeasure and disappointment at the unavailability of the website.

The founder, Seun Osewa, disclosed via tweets on his X profile early Tuesday that the downtime was due to an abusive report which he had “overlooked” after it was “originally sent on the 14th.”

Osewa, on Thursday, tweeted via his X handle, stating, “Please drop your comments on Nairaland…” adding a URL to direct to the site.

Checks revealed that Osewa made a post on the forum at exactly 10:54 am with the title, ‘Nairaland Is Partially Back; A Work In Progress.’