“Rosie is a Divorced Mother of Three” – Lady Nanny Whose Employer’s Kids Loved So Much Speaks


“Rosie is a Divorced Mother of Three” – Lady Nanny Whose Employer’s Kids Loved So Much Speaks

A young woman named Rosie who captured the hearts of her employer’s children where she worked as a nanny has spoken about herself which moved people to tears.

In the 10-minute video, the lady said she decided to move to Lebanon after her marriage was not working for her to seek greener pastures and get sustainers for her kids. At first, when she decided to go to the gulf, she was scared but indicated that she prayed hard for a good family to work with.

Rosie said many people are not aware that she had three kids in her collapsed marriage, with two boys and one girl. She spoke about her employer where she worked as a nanny for two years disclosing that they were good people whom she bonded with from the first day. When her Boss first saw her the first thing she said was wow which probably indicated that they could hardly speak fluent English but they were happy to see her nonetheless. Rosie went on to speak more about her time as a nanny as well as fame which has travelled all over the world.

Watch the video below:

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Hidya ida reacted: “Who cried after Rosie fall tears.”

User63773737 said: “Am crying with Rosie whata soul God bless u.” Jojo Opaa wrote: “This gal can fix Hannah Benta well apo kwa English.”

Gerald: “Its my first seeing a kenyan speaking English fluently thank you Rose.”

Hedyraestherl: “Why the family in Lebanon don’t give Rosie chance to travel wit her kids and give her a qud life.”

Tenacious: “I waited for Rosie to speak the truth,, so haters please stay away thank u Rosie for the whole truth. You are protected.”

Bright11307: “Racism is not born. It’s taught. I give thanks to Rosie for giving those children enougn enough love to the extent that they ended up calling you mama.”

User8600660011612: “She look young rosie i thought shes 20.” Shàsha: “Who else sees Rosy is more glowing in Kenya.”

De Drogba: “Which ear did you go Hannah Benta asking.”