“Why is no one cancelling davido for vibing with Peter Obi” Daniel Regha queries nigerians


“Why is no one cancelling davido for vibing with Peter Obi” Daniel Regha queries nigerians

Controversial Twitter personality Daniel Regha, known for his outspoken opinions, recently raised questions over the Nigerian public’s reaction to a trending video of Davido and Peter Obi.

Regha epressed his bewilderment at the lack of cancel culture response following Davido appearance at a recent event, where he was seen engaging with Peter Obi.

Regha pointed out the contrasting reactions that might have occurred if the video had featured Tinubu, Atiku, or any other politician accused of similar misconduct that Peter Obi was accused of.

He questioned the celebratory nature of the event, especially considering Peter Obi’s unresolved allegations and the video’s absence during the campaign and general elections. Regha criticized the tendency of Nigerians to quickly move on and forget significant issues, suggesting that the same critical approach used against celebrities interacting with political figures should be applied in this case.

”Davido is seen vibing with Peter Obi & there’s no cancel culture, but if he was conversing with Tinubu, Atiku or any politician accused of something, the reactions will be different. So what’s the celebration for? Obi is yet to clear the allegations against him, while Davido was absent during the campaign season & general elections.

The way we Nigerians quickly forget is awfu!.”

Recall that Regha had also touched on the behavior of Nigerian pastors, particularly focusing on Pastor Adeboye. He found it disturbing that Pastor Adeboye recently detailed how and when he expects to die, including after a meal of pounded yam and upon reaching the age of 90.

Regha questioned the authenticity of such prophecies, noting that while many Nigerian pastors prophesy, only about 1% of these predictions come true. This inconsistency led him to question why their prophecies differ so much if they are all serving the same God.