5 reasons you should write a will even if you’re under 30


Ah, wills. Sounds dusty, legal, and reserved for old folks with mountains of assets, right? Wrong, sis!

Writing a will, even in your prime 20s, is like getting an umbrella before the first cloud. It’s not about expecting rain, it’s about being prepared for anything life throws your way, be it sunshine or thunderstorms.

Think of it like this: life’s like an Afrobeats track – unpredictable, vibrant, and sometimes throws in a crazy sax solo you didn’t expect.

A will is your own personal remix, laying out the beat (your wishes) for how your assets and belongings should be handled if the music stops for you.

Now, you might be saying, “But I’m just starting out, what do I even own?” Well, sis, you’d be surprised! Your phone overflowing with pictures and music? Check. That laptop holding your dreams and late-night essays? Check. Even those trendy clothes you can’t seem to part with? All assets, baby! And who decides where they go if you’re not around? That’s where the will comes in, dropping the mic on potential confusion and family drama.

Here’s why a will is your ultimate 20-something anthem:

1. Peace of mind

Imagine chilling on a beach like Burna Boy, knowing your loved ones are taken care of no matter what. No family tears, no court battles, just the sweet harmony of your wishes being respected.

2. Clarity over chaos
Picture this – you haven’t written a will, and suddenly, life takes a sharp turn. Now, your family’s stuck figuring out your wishes through blurry memories and Facebook posts. Avoid that stressfest and lay it all out in your will, clear as Fela’s lyrics.

3. Protecting your treasures
Remember that limited edition sneaker collection or your grandma’s heirloom necklace? A will lets you choose who gets to keep these special pieces, ensuring they stay in loving hands (not sold off at a “bend down select” market, lol).

4. It’s easy and affordable

Don’t worry, writing a will doesn’t require a legal eagle and a briefcase full of cash. You can find affordable online templates or even visit a community legal aid centre for guidance. Think of it as an investment in your future, cheaper than that new pair of shoes you’ll probably just wear once.

5. Your legacy starts now
Even in your 20s, you’re building a legacy. Maybe it’s not mansions and oil wells (yet!), but it’s your dreams, your values, and the impact you want to make. A will lets you extend that legacy beyond your lifetime, guiding how your resources can continue to touch the lives of those you love.

So, ditch the excuses and embrace the power of the will. It’s not about fearing the end, it’s about living life to the fullest, knowing you’ve got your bases covered. Go forth and write your own legal masterpiece. Who knows, your will might just be the hottest track on your life’s album!

Remember, a will is a gift, not a goodbye. It’s a way to celebrate life, love, and the legacy you’re building, one beat at a time.