Fans react as Bobrisky asks fans to stop questioning his gender


Fans react as Bobrisky asks fans to stop questioning his gender

Bobrisky had his eyes on the general public and their curiosity about his gender. In his post, he expressed his frustrations about being asked about his gender, and whether he got a gender reassignment surgery.

He wrote, “Stop looking…. imagine getting asked every single day if you “cut it off” “What do you have now “did you get the surgery ? I can’t even think of a day I don’t get a comment about it o even in real life that’s always d first question some people asked me, it sometimes bother me but after many years i develop thick skin and IDGAF anymore. All I’m gonna tell you all is it take BALLS being a woman nowadays, And being a woman is beyond what you have btw ur leg. I choose my truth and if you don’t like it SUCK IT”.

The genesis of this angry rant may have resulted from the fact that as a male, Bobrisky dresses like a woman in Nigeria where crossdressing isn’t fully accepted yet. Not too long ago, he also made posts, talking about getting breast surgery. This may have prompted the questions about his gender.

Even though Bobrisky seemed distressed in his post, some netizens still had some ire-worthy things to say about the situation. Here are some of the comments:

just aishah wrote “Go girlll, not your regular man”

amanda matashu wrote “Am I the only one who couldn’t ‘stop looking down there’”

banke_toh_doyin “Sorosoke werey as a real definition of what a woman can do a man can do better with everything nah Poron you still get calm down sir”

jardonnd wrote “Find Bob for me it’s very urgent need to check something if it’s there or not”

fineboyalex2 wrote “Ride on mummy of Lagos, Nah man you be You choke”

kelly_wire wrote “Make una fine bob for me she need to be arrested”

_gurlubaidah wrote “Find me Wetin Dey down dere..I want to see”