“Gree for somebody this year” Nathaniel Bassey advices singles


“Gree for somebody this year” Nathaniel Bassey advices singles

Singer Nathaniel Bassey recently shared a humorous tip and advice to singles in 2024.

Using the funny slang that has since gained ground in Nigeria, he advised singles to “gree for somebody in the year 2024”. Recall that in the past couple of weeks, “no gree for anybody” has become a popular slang that Nigerians use to showcase their resilience and stubbornness when dealing with any situation.

However, Nathaniel Bassey, in his advice to singles, countered that belief system, pleading with single people to allow another person love them, hence his term, “gree for somebody, this year”.

Now, recall that, back I 23rd October 2023, Nathaniel Bassey’s Hallelujah Challenge had caused a lot of controversy and garnered a lot of attention. The Hallelujah Challenge involved people dressing and looking like their testimonies.

A couple of women who barged into the area wearing their wedding gowns Spurred a lot of reactions from netizens. But it was not just single ladies who dressed up in wedding gowns.

The men also dressed up kitted in their suits. Women who were trying to conceive also barged into the church with artificial baby bumps.