“I said what I said” Grace Makun stands her ground as she reacts to backlash over her advice to May Edochie


“I said what I said” Grace Makun stands her ground as she reacts to backlash over her advice to May Edochie

Yomi Casual, Grace Makun has reacted to the heavy backlash she received over her unsolicited advice to May Edochie.

The wife of celebrity designer, Yomi Casual had come under fire by netizens over her unsolicited advice to May Edochie, the estranged wife of Yul Edochie.

May via her Instagram page had poured out her emotions about the transition from 2023 to the new year, 2024, sharing how the past year had been a challenging ride for her, and describing it as a series of catastrophic events that left her sad.

May spoke on the adversities and misfortunes she faced in 2023, expressing that the worst blow was the tragic loss of her flesh and blood.

Taking to her comment section, Grace, known as Fabjewels on social media, advised her to get rid of the actor’s surname, grab her own identity, and flourish in it

Her statement didn’t sit well with many who pointed out how several female celebrities didn’t get rid of their husband’s surname after their divorce, while others told the jewelry designer to focus on her husband and his controversies.

Recall that last year, anonymous blogger, Gistlover made a post on Instagram about a certain favorite celebrity couple who have dragged themselves to court to go their separate ways, as the husband is homos3xual and the wife is aware but chooses to stay because of the benefits attached to the marriage.

Though Gistlover didn’t mention names, she gave a clue that the husband in question is a brother to a celebrity and many tagged Grace Makun in the post, which made the jewelry designer flare up.

Grace took to her Instagram page to post a lengthy statement debunking the rumors and daring the blogger to provide proof of its allegations within 24 hours.

Now reacting to backlash, Grace stood her ground on her words as she stated that she would give no room for bullying, and trolls. The sister-in-law of Ayo Makun made it known that she wouldn’t allow anyone to ride her this year.

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