Prayers rain as Nkechi Blessing’s ex showers her with love on her sick bed


Prayers rain as Nkechi Blessing’s ex showers her with love on her sick bed

Nollywood actress and influencer Nkechi Blessing’s ex Honorable Opeyemi Falegan has caused prayers to rain on social media as he showers her with love on sick bed.

Hours ago, Nkechi Blessing opened up on the state of her health being grateful for escaping death. She disclosed how what killed her mother nearly took her life but was brought back by God.

In an Instagram post, Opeyemi Falegan wished his ex a sound health, praying she recovers quickly from the death bed. He wished her a long life in good health and wealth despite their differences.

“Get well soon sis NBXU won’t die in Jesus name ( amen)As much as we once had our differences I still wish u long life in good health and Wealth. The groundwork for all happiness is good health. (Stay alive )”

See reactions to the posts below:

Stone dxb commented, “I wanted to type obsession but no, you’re what I call maturity, this is how it should be not becoming ENEMIES after breakup.”

“Naso life suppose be…..We dey fight no mean say make we dey wish ourself death….God bless you honorable Sir..” Templar 1802 commended him.

One Mobless naturals earnestly prayed for their reunion. “I do love both of them together in those.
They look so perfect, even look alike self.
Only God knows what happened between Them & they decide to give devil a chance & what people will say.
But trust me, ibi Toba Dara lesu ma n wo.
I still pray love bring them back together no matter how hard they try to deny it”