“The most dangerous surgery is BBL surgery” Aproko doctor warns ladies


Popular Dr. Aproko has recently dished out an advice towards girls who are intending to embark on BBL surgeries.

This time around, he touched on the effects of BBL surgeries. He revealed that a lot of girls go into BBL surgeries very blindly, forgetting that it is one of the most dangerous forms of surgeries.

He disclosed that that was because in the butt where they surgical incisions are done, a lot of blood vessels are in there and mistakes could happen which could lead to these blood vessels popping and would lead to something fatal.

He also expressed that it was made even worse when people go to unqualified and inexperienced doctors for these BBL surgeries.

He revealed that while he would never encourage BBL surgeries, if a person still decides to embark on BBL surgery, then they should make sure that they do it the proper way.

He revealed that the best place to get good doctor for BBLs and liposuction type of surgeries is in a particular website which he shared with his followers. Also recall that last year, Dr. Aproko had called out people take Eba and soup and eat other food items without chewing it.

He expressed that it was very important to chew food because when we chew it, we release some chemicals that help us break down the food easily in our stomach.

He further expressed that when the food is swallow, the digestive process takes more time and sometimes the nutrients is taken out in the process.