Uproar as Peter Obi’s son features in Gay Magazine (Photo)


Uproar as Peter Obi’s son features in Gay Magazine (Photo)

There is an uproar on social media, especially on the micro-blogging platform Twitter now known as X, over a viral photo of Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi’s son, Oseloka.

The young lad, who is a Hollywood actor, movie producer, and businessman was featured in a gay publication which has left many questioning his sexuality.

The British-Nigerian actor was seen on the front page of a UK Gay Times publication, defending the queer community.

The photo has since created an uproar online as some defended his father while others dragged the Labour Party presidential candidate for raising a gay son.

See some reactions below:

One Ayodeji Oyewumi wrote, “You can vote for Tinubu whose daughter is queer but you won’t vote for Peter Obi cos his actor son acted a gay role in a movie. Last last many black folks will still be used for future experiments by Oyinbo. Something is deeply missing in the brain

One Prof Oolusore wrote, “You people left Nigeria’s Economic and Security Challenges to he pushing unnecessary propaganda on Peter Obi’s son personal life

One Inumidun wrote, “It’s hilarious. So do we say he failed as a parent cus your child is a reflection of you

One Veez Gram wrote, “Omooo. Person go just dey born. Wetin pass am. Nawa

One Glitz Farms wrote, “God will not give me any child that will give me wahala in Jesus name

One Cyril Unusual wrote, “Tinubu’s daughter is also gay. Make una leave Peter Obi, he is not the cause of u people’s problem

One Business Joint wrote, “Why are these children of powerful men behaving this way is it that they have no time to train their children? Awww

One Cirok Eric wrote, “This one just wan spoil everything for him papa

One I Am Fav wrote, “He’s an adult. His choices don’t make his father less of who he is. I’ll still support P.O. over your vegetable any day. Talk another thing please”.