Bella Okagbue reveals her reason for being happy


Bella Okagbue reveals her reason for being happy

Reality TV star Bella Okagbue has recently taken to the X platform to express how happy she currently is following a recent happening.

She expressed that she was currently having one of the happiest days of her life and she also went on to reveal the reason for that.

She revealed that it was because she was now an auntie again, hinting at the fact that one of her siblings had put to bed.

Now recall that back in January of 2024, Bella Okagbue had slammed brand owners who wanted to work with influencers and content creators without paying them. She revealed that sometimes most of these brand owners would offer services and products for free in exchange for content to be created.

She knocked them for trying to exploit creators as she and that they needed to do better in the new year because content creators should not be working for free. Also, a few weeks back, Bella Okagbue  had cried out over a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Sheggz, after he temporarily travelled to the UK to be with his family.