I supported President Tinubu for you – Seyi Law


I supported President Tinubu for you – Seyi Law

Popular comedian Seyi Law has recently taken to Instagram to reveal that he had supported President Tinubu for Nigerians in an open letter addressed to his country’s people.

He expressed that he was not mocking the pains of Nigeria and that he completely understood the hardship that was currently ongoing in the country. He also revealed that his support for a different candidate was not intended to spite anyone but rather a belief that the said candidate would achieve a better Nigeria.

He further expressed that he feels optimistic that things would get better and that Nigerians should not abandon the government that they voted for. He also stated that while he was not begging Nigerians to stop the abuse, he wants them to know that he is not against them but for them. Seyi Law however disclosed that he continues to stand by his choice.

just yesterday Seyi Law had drummed up his support for President Tinubu. He had also written an open letter to the President as he expressed that the government needed to do something to help with the current frustration in the economy.