Timaya speaks on his love life (Video)


Timaya speaks on his love life (Video)

Nigerian singer, Inetimi Odon aka Timaya, has revealed why he can’t date Nigerian singers.

The Dem Mama crooner in a recent interview stated that though he doesn’t have a problem with Nigerian girls, he can’t date them. According to him, if he was a lady, he wouldn’t date Nigerian men.

Giving reasons, he noted how we all have the same foundation and upbringing, and as such, the relationship would be toxic. He further went on to compare such relationships as police and thief.

Timaya further disclosed that he is in a relationship and his new woman isn’t a Nigerian.

“For me, I don’t have a problem with Nigerian girls. If I were a Nigerian girl, I wouldn’t date a Nigerian man. Myself right now I can’t date a Nigerian girl. My current woman is not Nigerian. It is the same foundation and the same upbringing. The relationship will be like police and thief, it’s too toxic”.

Two years back, Timaya had expressed worry about the difficulties of finding true love.

He observed that love has become elusive, resembling a challenging pursuit, and proceeded to inquire of his followers whether it was a personal predicament or if it was also impacting them.

Some of his fans went on to agree with him, noting that it is an all-around issue while other fans noted that love really exists and is not difficult to come by.

Recall that Timaya has two baby mamas and three kids. He shares two kids with his first baby mama and a son with his second baby mama.

Opening up on their relationship, his first baby mama, Barbara said her relationship broke after Timaya had another woman in his life and was shuttling between her house and the other woman.

In an exclusive interview with Legit. ng, she stated that despite cutting ties with the singer romantically, they remain, good co-parents, as she sees the hip-hop sensation as a man who can do anything to make himself happy.