Daddy Freeze says he speaks with Hushpuppi everyday

Daddy Freeze says he speaks with Hushpuppi everyday
Daddy Freeze says he speaks with Hushpuppi everyday

In recent development, Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has revealed a surprising thing about Hushpuppi.
He expressed during a recent live video that there was no day that he did not speak with Hushpuppi, even though Hushpuppi was in a prison cell. He further stated that it was possible that Hushpuppi was watching the live video as he humorously said hi to Hushpuppi during his live video.

This surprised a lot of netizens since Hushpuppi was currently still in prison. Now recall that a few days ago, Daddy Freeze had come for Big Brother Naija star Rachel Edwards over her statements that men who do not make up to 800,000 naira a month should not be in a relationship.

She had also expressed that 800,000 naira was not even enough money to buy a very good quality wig. Daddy Freeze had reacted to this by telling her that only people who were a solid 10 out of 10 should make such statements and that she was nowhere near that number. Rachel obviously offended by this statement had taken to X platform to blast him for being a broke man.

About a day ago, Rachel had also shared her insight on paternity tests. She expressed that men who ask their women for paternity tests are supposed to be arrested.

However, Daddy Freeze had also knocked her for her statement as he revealed that the reason why a lot of men asked for test was because statistics show that a lot of men are not the real fathers to the kids that they were raising so that it was really important for men to do the DNA test.