How eating groundnut can damage your liver – Aproko doctor


How eating groundnut can damage your liver – Aproko doctor

In a heartfelt message on his page, Aproko Doctor shares his genuine concern for Nigerians’ health.

With sincerity and care, he highlights the potential dangers of consuming groundnuts, especially burnt or poorly tasting varieties, due to harmful toxins that can harm the liver over time. Encouraging mindful eating habits, he advises against indulging in spoiled groundnuts to safeguard personal health and well-being.

Reflecting on past lessons, Aproko Doctor tenderly reminds readers of the importance of chewing food for effective digestion. He emphasizes the significance of taking time to chew, underscoring its role in supporting the digestive system and preventing complications.

Bringing his caring nature to light, Aproko Doctor unveils surprising insights about kitchen sponge hygiene, urging readers to prioritize sanitization through methods like bleach or hot water to ensure the safety of kitchen utensils and plates.