Actor Mike Uchegbu speaks on Junior Pope’s death


Actor Mike Uchegbu speaks on Junior Pope’s death

Nollywood actor Mike Uchegbu had a few things to get off his chest regarding Junior Pope’s death.

In a well detailed video, he explained how pained and angry he was about Junior Pope’s death.

Speaking on negligence on the part of Junior Pope, Mike Uchegbu said that everyone knows how unstable the river Niger is, and that Junior Pope should’ve worn a life jacket.

Mike also implied that Junior Pope should’ve used his common sense to wear a life jacket, even if other people told him not to.


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The industry also a hit when he said that they were negligent, and that they need to put sanctions in place, and that if people are reluctant about it, it may be them in the water next time.

He also a lot of people had died in the past because they were working on set, but it wasn’t publicized because they weren’t as popular as Junior Pope.

At the end of his video, Mike Uchegbu said that Nollywood needs to stop using the slogan ‘the show must go on’. He stated that the reason behind his statement was because they need to fix their issues before using the said slogan.

Junior Pope’s death has raised a lot of concern as to the safety of actors on set. The unavailability of medical personnel was also an issue of concern for netizens. Some people even said they if there was a medical team on ground, he would’ve survived.

A good number of Nigerians have bombarded the page of the producer of the movie where Junior Pope was on set. However, Destiny Etiko, alongside others came to the rescue of the producer, stating that it could have happened on anyone’s movie set.

A lot of Junior Pope’s colleagues have come out to mourn him on social media, and Nigerians have also done same.