Bobrisky male organs are still intact – Nigerian Correctional Service confirms


The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) has recently exposed the inaccuracies spread by the well-known crossdresser, Bobrisky, regarding his purported gender transition.

Last week, reports emerged stating that Bobrisky had been convicted and subsequently transferred to a Correctional facility, where he was scheduled to serve a six-month sentence.

Initially, the NCoS declared that Bobrisky would be housed in the male section of the facility, citing his self-identification as male during court proceedings as the deciding factor.

Despite concerns raised regarding his safety due to his gender identity, authorities reassured the public that adequate measures would be taken to ensure Bobrisky’s protection from potential harm and abuse.

However, officials have now disclosed that upon thorough examination, there was no evidence to support Bobrisky’s claims of undergoing gender reassignment surgery. His male biological characteristics remained unchanged, debunking his assertions of having acquired female genitalia.

This revelation unequivocally exposes Bobrisky’s fabrications, as he had previously asserted that he had undergone surgery to acquire female genitalia and urged Nigerians to address him as a woman.

Before his alleged gender transition, Bobrisky had claimed to have undergone breast enlargement surgery, publicly sharing images flaunting his augmented chest.

Furthermore, Bobrisky had vehemently rebuffed inquiries into his gender, admonishing individuals to refrain from focusing on his genitalia and asserting that being a woman transcends mere anatomical features.

He expressed frustration with persistent queries about whether he had undergone genital surgery, acknowledging that such scrutiny had once perturbed him but claiming to have since developed a resilience to such criticism.

In defiance, he proclaimed his commitment to his truth and encouraged naysayers to accept it or, in his blunt vernacular, “suck it.”