Kai Cenat threatens to sue OnlyFans model, Layla Red who leaked their chats

Kai Cenat threatens to sue OnlyFans model, Layla Red who leaked their chats
Kai Cenat threatens to sue OnlyFans model, Layla Red who leaked their chats

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat is poised to initiate legal action against OnlyFans model Layla Red, who allegedly leaked his private images and messages.

According to the claims, Layla Red released conversations showing Cenat agreeing to pay $5,000 for sexual services, leading to her Instagram account being suspended soon after. Addressing the matter during a recent Twitch stream, Cenat assured his viewers that he would tackle the issue through legal means, maintaining his composure throughout the broadcast.

In his first appearance on Twitch following the scandal, Cenat remained unruffled by the allegations, confidently informing his audience about his plans to pursue legal recourse. “There is some dumb shit, clout-chasing weird ass shit going on right now bro. But it’s alright though, it’s alright chat. I’ll see you in court,” he announced.

Cenat also expressed a desire to clear up the situation, urging his viewers to hear his side of the story. “Got you! Okay? Listen to me, okay? I can explain, bro. Listen to me chat, okay, I can explain,” he remarked during the stream. He described the leak as an attempt to gain notoriety, noting that the referenced incidents took place early in 2023.

“There is some weird shit going on right now, some weird clout chasing shit going right now, bro. And you know what’s so crazy? Do you know that shit was in the beginning of 2023? All that shit that you guys see right now is 2023 shit bro, you feel me? Like, goddamn, bro,” he explained.

Shifting away from the controversy, Cenat later encouraged a lighter tone in the conversation. “But yeah, we are not going to talk about it no more. Let’s talk about flowers, rainbows, Ice Spice, come on,” he suggested, steering the dialogue away from the contentious issue.

If the case proceeds to court, it could potentially be treated as a matter of revenge porn, which involves the unauthorised distribution of intimate images or videos with the intention to harm, embarrass, or distress the individual depicted.

Should it be proven that the images and messages were shared without Cenat’s consent and intended to damage his reputation or cause distress, it could fulfil the legal requirements for a revenge porn case. Further evidence of malicious intent or exploitation by Layla Red could also strengthen this claim.