Netizens react to Regina Daniels washing plates for her mother


Netizens react to Regina Daniels washing plates for her mother

Regina Daniels made a post on Instagram, where she was seen washing plates in the video.

A lot of her fans were befuddled by the fact that she was actually washing plates, due to the fact that she’s a Senator’s wife. They had a lot to say, and here are some of the comments;

maclean_btc wrote, “I understand my dear, billionaire wife no dey wash plate….but u doing this for the gram anyway coz mom won’t ask you to”

official_preciouss wrote, “She knows her worth but she is still humble”

miracleseed4flattummy wrote, “African parent will tell you okra no they grow pass who plant am! bless you.”

official_preciousjohn wrote, “I don fufu with my long nails on the 25th of December morning for my mum and her visitors don’t play” wrote, “”I’m too global for this shit” ehh God abeg.”

eugenia.micheals wrote, “Your mama born you well my dear”

whandie_gal wrote, “A whole Senator wife, haba Mummy”

st.elvis wrote, “Gen z baddies come and see Billionaire wife watching plate. Tolanibaj etc left the group chat”

iam_nwendu wrote, “She no no say you be senator wife”

vera_classic_hairs wrote, “Especially Nigerian mum, she will still send you to buy Akara across the street”

sleekgoldfishdabosslady wrote, “It’s normal a a dal once you pay your African parents a visit you must drop that celebrity and city girl/boy title at the door before entering the house and become regular.”

bellapresh wrote, “No matter our status, they only see the babies they changed napkins for”

silverbeauty_hair wrote, “Celebrity no reach mummy side”