“The wicked runneth when no one pursues them” – VeryDarkMan mocks Daddy Freeze

“The wicked runneth when no one pursues them” – VeryDarkMan mocks Daddy Freeze
“The wicked runneth when no one pursues them” – VeryDarkMan mocks Daddy Freeze

Very Dark Man made a post dedicated to Daddy Freeze, and he had a lot of tea to spill.

In the video, Very Dark Man quizzed Daddy Freeze’s decision to make ten videos in response to just one video he had made, while calling out over a certain case.

The case in question was about a woman who had asked Daddy Freeze for help over a matter, whereby, herself and others were scammed of the sum of £125,000, which they had paid in order to get CSO’s in the U.K.

Very Dark Man also addressed a statement Daddy Freeze made about him, where he said that people were comparing them with each other, and saying that the former is better. He sarcastically stated that he wasn’t dragging the position of who’s better with him because Daddy Freeze is better than him.

Also, Very Dark Man spoke about the fact that Daddy Freeze said Very Dark Man had heard a story about him from the lady who lost money, and decided to run with it, instead of conforming its validity. Very Dark Man stated that Daddy Freeze knows that the woman’s story is true.

Very Dark Man also stated that he believed Daddy Freeze had badmouthed him to the woman in distress over money. He said he believed so because people who Daddy Freeze had spoken to about Very Dark Man in the past had come back to him to tell him what he said. According to Very Dark Man, Daddy Freeze had told people that they should tell Very Dark Man to stop talking about him.

At some point in the video, Very Dark Man addressed the part where Daddy Freeze had earlier stated that even though he collects money from people before he helps them, it doesn’t mean he’s not fair. The message behind Daddy Freeze’s statement was that the fact that Very Dark Man doesn’t collect money from people doesn’t mean he’s doing a good job with helping them. Very Dark Man stated that he had no issues with Daddy Freeze collecting money from people, and that everyone should do what works for them.

The video came to an end, when Very Dark Man openly stated that he doesn’t like Daddy Freeze. He recalled an incidence that led to him not liking Daddy Freeze. The incident in question was when a lady was arrested for slandering a skin care brand. After she was arrested, she reached out to Very Dark Man for help, and while he was still trying to help her, both of then were slammed with a five-hundred-million Naira lawsuit. The lady in question panicked, but he asked her not to.

In the end, the lady went to Daddy Freeze for help, and according to Very Dark Man, Daddy Freeze helped the lady to spin her story, and she ended up throwing Very Dark Man under the bus. She made an apology statement, saying that she didn’t ask Very Dark Man to fight for her, and that he was working on his own.

Very Dark Man used this incidence to describe Daddy Freeze as a shady person, who causes issues and ends up extraditing himself when trouble brews. He closed his statement that he wasn’t fighting for people on social media for likes, and that he was just here to help people, without the fear of being disliked.