“UK is overhyped, rethink it before you come” Comedian Woli Arole warns Nigerians


Comedian Woli Arole has issued a quick PSA to overzealous Nigerians who cannot wait to make it to the United Kingdom.

Sharing a video on social media, he expressed that the United Kingdom was completely overhyped as he cried out over the weather condition there.

He expressed that it was really cold and that sometimes the weather conditions can fluctuate, which can make it very uncomfortable.

He also revealed that he could not believe that this was the same country that lots of Nigerians were saving up their millions to move to as he expressed that it just might not be worth it. He also told Nigerians to rethink their decision before moving to the UK.

However, he ended his video by stating that he had no plans of coming back and that he was going to stay in the United Kingdom and continue his journey.