“All the brain ended in a grave” – Reactions trails late Abigail Frederick’s school result


Even weeks after the terrible tragedy, the death of Nollywood actor Junior Pope and four other crew members as a result of a boat collision remains a topic of conversation.

In a new development, attention has shifted to the superb work of makeup artist Abigail Frederick, who died along with Pope and other crew members on April 10th.

The result, which was discovered on her TikTok account, indicated that she received parallel A’s in all of her subjects.

Abigail Frederick posted the results publicly after a netizen made a negative comment on a post commemorating her graduation.

The netizen responded harshly, claiming that she would wind up on the street after graduation because she had nothing upstairs.

The user writes:

“Just graduated on paper. The Head is still empty. Now Lagos avenue stand movements Kwan!”

In response, she decided to prove the user incorrect by posting a snapshot of her results and bragged about being an intellectual lady.

She wrote:

“My final result sir!!!! My father didn’t raise no dummy… All your family results put together cannot beat my CGPA. “

“I didn’t just go to school!!! I graduated well!!!! I didn’t want to post my certificate because my father beats my certificate.”

The post has now triggered a lot of emotional comments as netizens continue to mourn over the death of such an intelligent lady.

One Betra Ibara wrote: “All the brain ended in a grave😭😭😭.”

Omah_lay’s wife wrote: “Omo…she is even a theatre art alumnus.”

Akosua BeautyPlus wrote: “Aww Abby so sorry 😢.”

user841839742502 wrote: “so na ur death carry me reach here😔.”

Lillian Mutambo wrote: “What a short life.”