Genevieve Nnaji returns to social media with a bang, marks 45th birthday in grand style (Video)


Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji celebrated her 45th birthday in spectacular and elegant style, making a successful comeback to social media after a year-long absence.

The popular celebrity, who has been away from the internet world since 2023, made a surprising reappearance by releasing a video from her birthday party on Instagram, leaving her followers speechless.

The video, which was her first post of the year, showed the actress celebrating with loved ones, friends, and colleagues from the Nigerian film industry.

The video included glimpses of Genevieve’s stunning birthday outfit, cake cutting, and touching toasts, offering viewers a look into the private gathering.

The post sparked an outpouring of love and adoration from admirers across the world, with many flocking to the comments area to express their joy at her return to social media.

“Welcome back, Queen Genevieve!” and “Happy birthday to a veteran and icon in the Nigerian film industry!” were among the many comments of gratitude.

Genevieve’s absence from social media had raised worries among her followers, who had been anxiously anticipating for her return.

Her birthday tweet not only set their anxieties at ease, but also demonstrated her continued popularity and influence in the entertainment sector.