“I told Chioma everything”- Davido’s ex-girlfriend Gorgeous Doll reveals


Davido’s name has been on many lips for the past few weeks, and most recently, his ex-girlfriend’s Gorgeous Doll.

The American based influencer made a video, apologizing to Nigerians for whatever problems she’s caused because of the video her friend posted of Davido kneeling down and begging.

Gorgeous Doll said that she deemed it fit to make an open apology to Nigerians, Davido, and Chioma because of the recent events that have been happening, which made the embarrassing video resurface.

Also, Gorgeous Doll said that Nigerians having been sending her death threats on a daily, and even though she admires the fact that they are loyal to Davido, it needs to stop.

On the matter of Chioma being affected by the whole issue, Gorgeous Doll said she reached out to Chioma on Twitter, explaining everything to her.

Gorgeous Doll said she meant no disrespect, and didn’t mean to ruin anyone’s family, on the basis that she’s a ‘girl’s girl’.

The drama with Gorgeous Doll and Davido started when her friend ‘mistakenly’ posted the infamous video of Davido kneeling down and begging.

It immediately went viral, and she got dragged online by Davido’s fans. Even her friend was not exempt, as 30bg fans flocked her page to rain insults on her.

When Gorgeous Doll spoke about the video resurfacing, it was courtesy of Wizkid bringing it back to social media. He used it as a joke to respond to a fan, and the whole situation escalated quickly with Davido responding with insults of his own.

The whole situation has calmed down a bit, but some netizens are still dissecting the situation, and bringing up conspiracies, with mentions of Wizkid and Jada no longer being together.

Another rumor sprung up from the Breakfast club podcast, where they claimed that Davido slapped Wizkid backstage at a show in Dubai.