“I’m from Gabon, I’m not a Nigerian” – Zack Orji speaks on his Gabonese heritage

Zack Orji survived two brain surgeries, says AGN president
Zack Orji survived two brain surgeries, says AGN president

Zack Orji, a renowned Nollywood actor, has revealed that he was born in Gabon, making him a citizen of the Central African nation.

During a recent podcast appearance, the actor, known for his versatile roles in the Nigerian film industry, shared this interesting fact.

He explained that his father’s profession required him to travel extensively, which ultimately led to his birth in Gabon.

Shedding light on his heritage, Zack mentioned that his father bestowed upon him the middle name Amaefuna, which translates to “Let my heritage not be lost.”

During the podcast, he also expressed how his recent journey back to Gabon was a significant moment in reconnecting with his roots.

He detailed how his profession has afforded him opportunities to travel extensively, mirroring his father’s experiences.

This circumstance reportedly led him back to the country of his birth, where he not only explored his heritage but also directed a film.

Zack Orji’s revelation comes against the backdrop of recent reports about his health, including undergoing two brain surgeries.