Empty Pockets, Full Hearts: Can You Love Someone Who’s Broke Too?


Ah, ah! Nigerians love life, a beautiful thing… most of the time. But what about when your account is looking like Egunje at the end of the month, and your dating life drier than Agege bread?

Then you meet someone who makes your heart go “wubba dubba,” but their bank account sings the national anthem of “Carry Me Dey Go…” Can love truly conquer empty pockets?

Let’s be honest, broke and boo’d up sounds like a recipe for “wahala.” Imagine splitting Agege bread for lunch and whispering sweet nothings over kuli kuli. Not exactly a scene from a Nollywood dream, abi? But here’s the thing, true love shouldn’t be about how much is in your wallet, but how much you vibe with someone.

So Naija bachelors and bachelorettes, spill the tea! Can you handle a partner who’s “on generator” too? Or are you looking for that sugar daddy (or mummy) to solve your financial woes?

Here are some things to consider:

  • King/Queen of the Hustle: Maybe your partner’s broke now, but they got the ambition of a Lagos bus conductor. Are you willing to support their dreams and grind together? Remember, two hustlers are better than one!
  • Love is a Battlefield (Financially): Open communication is key. Talk about finances honestly and set realistic expectations. Can you split bills creatively? Weekend at home with pepper soup and Netflix anyone?
  • Independent Queens and Kings: Just because you’re dating someone broke doesn’t mean you can’t slay on your own. Keep up your own hustle and be a boss babe (or dude)!

Now, let’s hear from you! Are you Team “Broke and in Love” or Team “Secure the Bag First”? Hit the comments and share your experiences (and maybe some tips for surviving love on a budget in Lagos). Let’s get this conversation started! Remember, no matter your financial situation, love is a beautiful thing. But hey, maybe avoid sharing your Netflix password until things get a little more serious.