Fayrouz Unveils ‘Here’s To Taste’ Campaign with Beauty Tukura, Featuring New Look and Apple-Watermelon Flavor


Fayrouz, one of the premium soft drinks renowned for its refreshing flavors and taste, has unveiled its latest ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign.

This exciting launch features ex-beauty queen and reality TV star, Beauty Tukura, celebrating Fayrouz’s stylish new look and the introduction of its Apple-Watermelon flavor.

Beauty Tukura: A Journey of Authenticity and Inspiration

Beauty Tukura has captivated audiences with her authenticity, from winning the Miss Nigeria crown to her standout presence on the hit reality TV show Big Brother Naija. Her inspiring journey from pageantry to entrepreneurship and philanthropy makes her the perfect ambassador for Fayrouz’s ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign.

In the campaign, Beauty Tukura shines brilliantly, encouraging consumers to embrace their true selves and toast to their unique journeys. Sharing her enthusiasm for the campaign, Beauty said:

“The Fayrouz ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign resonates with me because it celebrates authenticity and encourages people to confidently embrace who they are without compromise. This aligns with my own values of being genuine and unapologetically true to myself in every aspect of life.”

A Collaboration Built on Shared Values

Sampson Oloche, Portfolio Manager for Beyond Beer at Nigerian Breweries, expressed his excitement about the collaboration:

“We are pleased to partner with Beauty for our ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign. Her personality resonates deeply with our brand values. Together, we want to empower everyone to find their flavor in life, embrace their authenticity, and enjoy every sip of their journey.”

Embrace Your Authenticity with Fayrouz

The ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign encourages everyone to celebrate their true selves and savor the finer things in life. Raise your Fayrouz and toast to authenticity, staying true to yourself, and celebrating every beautiful moment.

With Beauty Tukura leading the way, the ‘Here’s to Taste’ campaign is set to be a refreshing reminder that the best things in life are authentic and flavorful. Discover the new Fayrouz experience today and enjoy the exciting Apple-Watermelon flavor along with other classic favorites.

Discover the New Fayrouz Experience

Fayrouz’s new Apple-Watermelon flavor offers a unique and delightful taste, perfect for any occasion. Combined with its sleek new look, Fayrouz continues to stand out as a top choice for those seeking a natural and refreshing beverage. Here’s to taste, and here’s to you!