Oshey! Garri price don kolo? How Much Is Garri In Your Area?


Remember the good ol’ days of 2023 when a bucket of garri only set you back N1000? Those days seem like a distant dream now!

These days, settling down with a steaming plate of garri soaked in sugar and groundnut feels more like a luxury vacation than a quick after-school snack.

Soaked Garri with sugar and milk is the new luxury

So, what’s the deal? We hit the streets (well, the internet!) to find out just how much garri is costing you in your area. Here’s what Nigerians had to say:

  • Mama Ngozi from Aba: “Ah! Don’t even get me started. A bucket of yellow garri used to be N2,500, now I can barely find it for less than N3,800! Wetin person go chop?” (What will people eat?)
  • Broda Femi in Lagos: “Forget the fancy stuff, even white garri is through the roof. Used to be N1,500, now I’m looking at N3,000 minimum. E be like say garri don join the billionaires club!” (It’s like garri has joined the billionaires club!)
  • Aunty Aisha from Kano: “And don’t even think about adding milk or groundnut these days. Those are luxury toppings now!”

Is This the New Normal?

These comments paint a real picture of how rising garri prices are affecting everyday Nigerians. Garri, a staple food for many, is becoming increasingly expensive. So, what’s causing this price hike? Some experts point to a decrease in cassava output, while others blame transportation costs and the economy.

Let us know in the comments below!

  • What’s the current garri price in your area?
  • How has the price increase affected your family?
  • What are your tips for saving money on garri?

Together, let’s find ways to navigate these garri-fying times!