Test your Nigerianness this public holiday with our fun quiz!


TSB News wants to help you find out how Nigerian you are. Answer each question honestly to find out what kind of public holiday reveler you are with our fun quiz.

1. Jollof Rice is calling your name, but you also have that pile of laundry…

a) Kitchen time! Jollof ain’t gonna make itself
b) Laundry first, gotta look fresh for all the visiting relatives

2. Weekend plans include:

a) Owambe party with all the asoebi glam

b) Relaxing at home with a good Nollywood movie marathon

3. When NEPA decides to take light during the holiday weekend, you:

a) Find the biggest fan and start fanning yourself vigorously

b) Impress everyone with your generator-starting skills like a pro

4. Your ideal public holiday meal includes:

a) A plate of pounded yam with egusi soup, pounded yam never disappoints!

b) A delicious plate of jollof rice and chicken, with all the trimmings

5. Public holiday wouldn’t be complete without:

a) Calling all your family members to catch up on life gist
b) Spending quality time with your close friends, gisting and laughing

See what your answers reveal about you below:

Mostly As: The Owambe King/Queen

Public holidays were made for you to attend owambe parties in your best asoebi attire and dance the night away! You’re the life of the party and love socializing with friends and family.

Mostly Bs: The Relaxation Connoisseur

For you, public holidays are a chance to unwind and recharge. You’ll be found catching up on some well-deserved sleep, watching movies, or enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal.

Share this quiz with your friends and family and let’s see what kind of public holiday revelers they are!