Bishop Allan Kiuna Biography – Age, Career, Cause of Death, and Net Worth


Bishop Allan Kiuna, the co-founder and senior pastor of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in Nairobi, was a prominent figure in the religious community.


Bishop Allan Kiuna was widely respected for his inspirational leadership and dedication to his faith. He was 57 years old.

Career and Achievements

Bishop Allan Kiuna, alongside his wife, Bishop Kathy Kiuna, established Jubilee Christian Church in January 1999. Their vision was to create a vibrant faith community, and under their leadership, JCC grew to become a significant spiritual hub in Nairobi. Known for his dynamic preaching and compassionate ministry, Bishop Kiuna touched many lives and built a lasting legacy through his work according to TSB News.

Cause of Death

Bishop Allan Kiuna passed away in a Nairobi hospital after his condition deteriorated on Tuesday. He had been battling multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, since his diagnosis in 2018/2019. Multiple myeloma is characterized by abnormal plasma cells accumulating in the bone marrow, leading to tumors in various bones throughout the body. He died on Tuesday 9th of July, 2024. His church confirmed the sad incident on his Instagram page. See below:


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Family and Personal Life

Bishop Kiuna was married to Bishop Kathy Kiuna, who is also a co-founder of JCC. The couple has three children: Venessa, a lawyer; Stephanie, an architect; and Jeremy, who works in finance.


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His death has been widely mourned, with many describing him as a dedicated and inspirational leader.


In 2019, Bishop Allan Kiuna publicly shared his struggle with cancer, expressing his gratitude to God for helping him endure the difficult journey. His legacy continues through the lives he touched and the church he helped build.

What is Multiple Myeloma?

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells, which are specialized white blood cells responsible for producing antibodies. This cancer originates in the bone marrow, where plasma cells are made, and can lead to a variety of complications if left untreated.


Symptoms of multiple myeloma can vary but often include:

  • Bone pain
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Frequent infections

As the disease progresses, it can cause high calcium levels in the blood, kidney problems, and bone fractures. Diagnosis typically involves blood and urine tests, as well as a bone marrow biopsy to detect the presence of abnormal plasma cells.

Causes and Risk Factors

The exact cause of multiple myeloma is unknown, but risk factors include:

  • Obesity
  • Radiation exposure
  • Family history
  • Certain occupational exposures

Multiple myeloma is more common in older adults, with the average age of diagnosis around 60 years old. It is also more prevalent in men and African Americans.

Treatment Options

Treatment for multiple myeloma aims to manage the disease, alleviate symptoms, and prevent complications. Depending on the stage and risk level of the cancer, options may include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Stem cell transplantation
  • Targeted therapies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiation therapy

In some cases, close monitoring without immediate treatment may be the initial approach.

Bishop Allan Kiuna’s passing is a significant loss to the community he served so diligently. His life and work continue to inspire many, and his contributions to the faith community will be remembered for years to come.

Net worth

His net worth is not available at the moment.