Canada Introduces New Caregiver Pilot Program with Permanent Residency Visa on Arrival


Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Honourable Marc Miller, has announced the launch of enhanced pilot programs that offer free visa sponsorship for overseas caregivers.

This exciting new development was revealed in Toronto on June 3, 2024.

The highlight of this program is the issuance of a Permanent Residence (PR) visa upon arrival. Successful applicants will become permanent residents immediately, eliminating any concerns about visa expiration.

Under these pilot programs, foreign caregivers can move to Canada and work for reliable employers while holding permanent residence status. This change significantly benefits both caregivers and the families they support.

During the announcement, Honourable Marc Miller stated, “Caregivers play a critical role in supporting Canadian families, and our programs need to reflect their invaluable contributions. As we work to implement a permanent caregivers program, these two new pilots will not only improve support for caregivers but also provide families with the quality care they deserve.”

He emphasized the indispensable role of caregivers in Canada, noting that this program addresses the pressing issue of millions of Canadians lacking regular health care providers and adequate home care. This initiative is particularly beneficial for children, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

To be eligible for this pilot program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Basic Level 4 Proficiency in Canadian Benchmark Languages: Applicants must demonstrate at least level 4 proficiency in English and French, the Canadian Benchmark Languages (CBL), to ensure decent communication skills in both languages.
  • Canadian High School Diploma Equivalent: Applicants need a credential equivalent to a Canadian high school diploma. For those in African countries like Nigeria or Ghana, a WAEC or NECO certificate will suffice as proof of high school graduation.
  • Relevant and Recent Work Experience: Applicants must have credible caregiving experience. Formal work experience or internships in caregiving are required, as informal care for family members does not qualify.
  • Job Offer from a Care Home: Applicants must secure a job offer from a care home, whether a private home or a care home organization.

These are the primary eligibility requirements revealed so far. More details on the full eligibility criteria and application process will be released in due course.

Prospective foreign caregivers should start preparing these requirements immediately, as the program offers only 15,000 PR slots. Those with little or no caregiver experience are advised to enroll in a caregiving program with a registered training provider, such as Clarion College, to gain the necessary certification and experience for this pilot program