Details Emerge on the Death of Nollywood Producer and Alleged Kidnapper Prince Henry Odenigbo


In a dramatic turn of events, the Lagos State Police Command operatives have successfully neutralized a notorious gang of kidnappers during a gun battle in the Ladipo area of Lagos. The incident, which unfolded on Thursday, has left the community in shock and mourning, especially with the tragic death of Nollywood producer and alleged kidnapper, Prince Henry Odenigbo, CEO of ASON-RICH MOVIE PRODUCTION.

Detailed Account of the Incident

SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, disclosed the details of the operation at a news conference in Ikeja, Lagos. According to Hundeyin, the police received credible and actionable intelligence about a dangerous gang planning to kidnap high-net-worth individuals in Lagos.

“Upon receipt of this intelligence about two weeks ago, CP Fayoade directed the Command’s tactical teams to commence work on it,” Hundeyin explained. The police closely monitored the gang’s activities and determined that they were set to strike in Ladipo on the fateful day.

“With the benefit of this information, we were able to proactively prepare for them and more or less laid an ambush for them,” Hundeyin continued. The kidnappers, caught off guard, engaged the police in a fierce shoot-out. The superior firepower of the police prevailed, resulting in the deaths of nine kidnappers, while two others escaped with gunshot injuries.

The police recovered four AK-47 rifles, four locally-made semiautomatic pistols, nine AK-47 magazines, three walkie-talkies, and one POS machine from the scene.

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Reactions to Prince Henry Odenigbo’s Death

The death of Prince Henry Odenigbo has sent shockwaves through the Nollywood community and beyond. Known for his contributions to the film industry, his involvement in such criminal activities has left many in disbelief.

Veteran actor Kanayo O. Kanayo expressed his disbelief on social media, Who is a NOLLYWOOD ACTOR/ PRODUCER/PRACTITIONER and What it takes to be any of the above?. Watch his video below:


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Nigerians React Online

Social media has been abuzz with reactions from Nigerians, with many expressing their shock and dismay at the news. Tweets and posts range from expressions of condolences to calls for more stringent measures against criminal activities in the country.

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One user tweeted, “This is a wake-up call for everyone. We need to be more vigilant and support our law enforcement agencies.”

Another wrote, “I can’t believe Prince Henry Odenigbo was involved in this.”