I Don’t Understand. Please Help!


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I have seen so many stories of ladies telling us how they want a guy who owns a car. I use to be like them until I worked harder to get my own car and living large, I decided to lower my standards to make him happy, this time he did not have a car and I had. I gave him my car to do his laundry business while I jumped buses and taxis to work.

I paid his accommodation bills sometimes when he is broke. I even help him deliver clothes sometimes to his customers around my office, if the car has a fault, he will come and collect money from me to fix it, and after fixing it, he will drive it. I don’t complain I was just acting like a wife material who wanted to support her man. We dated for 3 years and he never even talked about marriage, he only asked we move in together so we can bond and since we moved in together I cook, wash, clean, and pay bills. 4 abortions and still no ring. The day I had an early morning meeting and wanted to use my car, he got upset and told me that he can’t trek, he said he has passed the level of using taxi, I insisted and told he I must, or he drops me off and come back with The car, he refused, so I took my car keys and drove off. I got back home and noticed he has moved his things out of the house, I called him but he never picked up my calls, he ended up sending me a text that it is over between us, that he was only testing me, that he has 2 cars of his own but wanted to know if I was a wife material. Please family tell me what I did wrong? What kind of test goes on for 3 years of driving my car, I don’t get it.


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