She Endured An Abusive Marriage Because Of Her Children, Now She’s Dead. What Happens To Her Kids?


She endured marriage because of her children till the husband finally killed her… The husband will be arrested… Now, What becomes of these children? Women, let’s be wise

Mrs. Titilayo Shodipo, a teacher who was allegedly killed by her husband, was three months pregnant, neighbours have said. Titilayo and her husband, Omolaja, had been married for over seven years and had 4 children together. .

According to Punchng, residents stated that on the said day, there was another disagreement between the couple, during which her husband beat and stabbed her with a sharp object a and fled their house in Ikorodu. The family of Titilayo, have said the suspect might have killed her for a an evil purpose.

Her mother, Maria Ahinaje, called on the police authorities and the state government to arrest the suspect and bring him to justice. The family of the deceased on Friday said that they had asked Titilayo to quit the relationship but she refused because of her children.Her mother, Maria, alleged that Omolaja was a drunk and an absentee father, adding that they were the reasons for most of their disagreements. She said, “My daughter endured seven years of hardship and pain. When they started their relationship, I told her not to marry him, but she said she loved him.When they got married, he started beating her on a regular basis. He drank a lot and had extra-marital affairs. He would buy little foodstuffs for the family and when the food is exhausted, my daughter and her four children would start begging for food on the street.Most times, I had to send them foodstuffs and send money into her account for them to survive. I stopped going to their house three years ago because my daughter told her husband bad things about me, saying I didn’t encourage their union. .Because of that, the man started misbehaving towards me.” The state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said investigations were ongoing, adding that the command was still searching for Omolaja.


I don’t really know how to convey what I always feel whenever I see domestic violence going bad, Women loosing their lives because they are in marriages, it makes me want to cry, then I ask myself what went wrong, was it not the same woman you could kill for before marriage, what went wrong in Marriage that will now lead to her been killed, the statistics goes higher each day in the world, for those that don’t care tomorrow it might be your sister or daughter, I call on every man that beats his wife, to desist from it. It doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a beast, a devil, your innocent daughter might grow been a victim tomorrow, go for emotional intelligence, learn to walk away when angry, as I read ” WHEN ANGRY DON’T SUPPRESS IT, AND DON’T ACT ON IT”. Seek for knowledge.

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