“I Am Turning Into A Tenant In My Husband’s House” – Wife Cries Out


I’m a young lady in my early 30, married for 2years+ now… my issue is that my husband doesn’t gist with me but when he is with other ladies, he can laugh & gist for Africa. He has never taken me out after our marriage. in short I look like a tenant in his house. if we are going out he will tell me to be in front while he will b far behind. if I complain, he will say I’m nagging.

I was sick last week, he just came dropped #10k for me to go see our doctor, he didn’t even ask if I can go by myself BT same incident happened to his younger bro wife yesterday, with just a phone call, he went to the hospital & stood by d bro. over night ( sumtin he didn’t even do wen I gave birth to our baby) I have been thinking he will change BT this days own his really worst, calling some girls in my streets “my love” why he shout my 1st name no matter where he is.

Pls advise me cos I am beginning to dislike him


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