Woman Demands Third DNA Test To Prove Son’s paternity


A Zimbabwean woman, Eunice Hunda, has reportedly vowed to contest DNA tests for the third time after the paternity results proved on two occasions that her ex-husband was not the father of her son.

After they split, her ex-husband, Victor Mariga, is said to have paid child support for their child for five years.

However, when Hunda applied for an upward review of the money, Mariga kicked and appealed the judgment and requested for another paternity test, which proved he was not the father, reports iHarare. Hunda is now planning to go to South Africa and later to the UK to contest the paternity test results because she believes they were tampered with and she is certain that he is the father.

Mariga claimed he requested for DNA tests because he was not certain of the paternity of the child.

When he was asked on whether he tampered with the results and his views concerning going for tests for the third time he said, “I can go for paternity tests every day as long as she is paying.

“I paid for the first time and the results satisfied me — they verified the doubts I had. I was satisfied with the second results because it was a place of her choice and the results were the same.”

The DNA issuing organisations have, however, stood by their results.


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