Dangerous Relationship Tactics To Always Avoid


The best way to have and maintain a successful relationship is to handle things like a mature adult. You cannot make decisions based on impulse or make deception the foundation of your relationship.

Here are some relationship tactics that are tempting to employ, but you would do better to avoid them.

1. Get pregnant for a commitment

This can backfire in many ways. First, you may get a man who is only committed to the child but not to you. So, be prepared for a rocky relationship. Secondly, despite this, you may not even get the man. Plus, it’s bordering on cruelty to use an innocent child to assuage your selfish desires.

Dangerous Relationship Tactics Smart Women Should Always Avoid

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2. Only focused on being the ideal wife

Perhaps you think the best way to get him to marry you is to be a ‘wife material.’ There’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward. But you have to ensure your man is doing things to be deserving of you as well. Marriage is a partnership and not a favor. Don’t be so blinded by making the best impression that you don’t notice the signs that he will make a terrible partner.

3. Resorting to manipulation

Whether it’s sucking up to the in-laws or squeezing yourself into his inner circle, ensure you’re not trying to manipulate your way into his life. This is one of those relationship tactics that leave a bad taste in the mouth. It’s okay to be nice and polite. But keep in mind that some people can smell a manipulative woman from a mile away. You may end up turning off those he cares about.

4. Making him the center of your universe

Your man, no matter how well-meaning, will not provide your every need. So it’s important that you have a life outside of that relationship. This makes you much more interesting to be around and gives you other avenues where you find happiness.

Dangerous Relationship Tactics Smart Women Should Always Avoid

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By the way, honesty is not always the best policy. Here are a few things you may want to lie to your man about.

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