“Divorce Should Be Celebrated, Its Rise Is A Good Thing” – Facebook Feminist


Nigerian feminist who base abroad, Nkechi Bianze has taken to her facebook account to shake more tables concerning marital life. Nkechi is known to be a strong feminist who won’t waste any given time to attack contenders of anti feminist.

This time around, she came out with a bang as she is pushing a motion of celebrating divorced marriage. She said parties should be thrown for divorced marriage as the rate at which it is rising is a positive thing.

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The rise in the rate of divorce in Nigeria is a VERY POSITIVE thing. We should be celebrating the end of toxic marriages. You know, like throwing parties.
And the rate of divorce will continue to rise till mad people stop getting married, sort their issues out and cure themselves before thinking about marriage.
It’s better we have 100 happily married couples than to have 10,000 married couples in which 9,900 are sad and depressed in their marriages.
So, let the toxic ones SCATTER! Amen!
I heard that about 70% of divorce in Nigeria is being filed by women. This gives me so much joy.
Men and women with issues should sort out their issues and stop dragging people’s sons and daughters into their hell all in the name of marriage.
Dear parents of sons,
Raise the type of men you want your daughters to marry.
You can’t be praying and wishing your daughter to marry a sensible and responsible man while you raise an idiot for another person’s daughter to come and marry.


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