Everything You Should Have Inside A Breakup Survival Kit


This is for the ladies who just got out of a relationship and feel a bit or a lot down. First, we want to say you’re amazing and this is the beginning of the best parts of your life. But because we know you won’t feel better immediately, we’ve got a breakup survival kit to help you till you do.

This survival kit is a pack of things that can give you comfort while you’re nursing a broken heart. The intent of it is to make you feel better and help you get over him fast. You can make one for yourself or for your friend.

breakup survival kit

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Here’s what should be in every breakup survival kit and some extras just for fun

1. Chocolate, ice cream and sausages

You’re allowed to gain up to two kg after a breakup and the sausage is to chop excitedly while pretending it’s his ****.

2. Spa gift certificate

A little pampering can make you feel lots better.

3. Booze

Yeah, for those times when you just want to drink away the pain.

breakup survival kit

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4. A breakup and a pickup .list

A few sad love songs that make you cry your eyes out and then transition to some “I WILL SURVIVE AND I WILL THRIVE” songs because you’re not allowed to stay down.

5. Makeup set

Something just to splurge on to make you feel special. Your favourite lipstick in ruby woo would be nice.

6. Burn diary

Remember all the pain and anger and write it out with as much venom as you want in a special diary. Then burn the diary. While it burns, let your anger dissipate with it, just let it go.

breakup survival kit

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7. Chick flicks

Chick flicks are romantic movies that bring you comfort and let you know you’ll find love again. So binge-watch as much as you need to.

8. Cons list

The con list is a list of all his bad qualities and a reminder of why you shouldn’t be with him if you’re tempted to go back.

9. A love quote for yourself

Something short and sweet at centre stage in your room to remind you how amazing you are.

breakup survival kit

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10. A dildo

Yes, you heard right. Something for the lonely nights. Make sure it’s bigger and better than his.

So once you have all these, you’ll be good to go on your breakup survival kit. Speaking of which, see some things to do immediately after a breakup.



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