Silly Relatonship Promises We’ve All Made When We’re In Love


We know being in a relationship can literally release chemicals in your brain that make you act funny. But some of us have made some silly relationship promises that’ll make even God go “aunty how far na?” We’ll give you just a few of the silly type of promises some of us have made.

Here are some silly relationship promises we’ve all made when we’re in love

I will never look at another man the way I look at you.

As you’re making this promise you’re still hoping at the back of your mind that the guy you’re really crushing on while managing this one will quickly come and ask you out.

silly relationship promises

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You’re the best I ever had

We know guys like so say silly things like “I will buy you money” in bed. But ladies seriously, is he really the best you ever had? Are you not thinking of all the other bests you’ve ever had while he’s slaving away trying to hit the right spot.

If you break my heart I don’t think I’ll be able to move on

The average woman takes 3 weeks to move on from a relationship. What people don’t realise is that women move on faster than men. Honestly, the only reason you still think you’re hung up on him is that no one else is in the picture yet. Let one fine ass, sexy dude pull up in a Benz now and you be like Deji who?

I promise I will never lie to you

Really??? Really!!! Never? Didn’t you just lie about the dude toasting you that you’re stringing along just in case this doesn’t work out? Didn’t you delete the chat so that he won’t see it? But technically, an omission isn’t the same as a lie so carry on.

silly relationship promises

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I don’t care how much you make as long as you love me

Okay, let’s give credit where credit is due. Shout out to all the true ride or die ladies out there, you deserve plenty of accolades. But for the rest of you that are just waiting to see if there is potential before you leave. Wehdon Ma!

Let’s know which you’ve told in the comment section and laugh a little with these funny secondary school love letters.

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