This Is How To Deal With A Stingy Boyfriend


First off, let’s be sure you’re not the one asking for too much, so check yourself to be sure. Next, ask yourself if you really want to be with a stingy guy. That said, learning how to deal with a stingy boyfriend can be helpful if you do decide you love him enough to stay with him.

These are 3 ways to deal with a stingy boyfriend

how to deal with a stingy boyfriend

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1. Talk about it

It’s very important to discuss things like this. Some people aren’t intentionally stingy, they just grew up with certain behavioural qualities that are hard to break. So talk about it with him and try to find the root of the problem. He might be willing to talk through it with you and this will make it easier for him to change. Sometimes just making him aware of the issue can help him actively do better.

how to deal with a stingy boyfriend

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2. Buy stuff for him

Respect if reciprocal right? Well so is love and generosity. So buy him nice things and spoil him silly, his conscience will force him to try to return the gesture. If you’re dealing with a man who is stingy to himself too, buying him things can help him get used to the finer side of life and make him want to change.

how to deal with a stingy boyfriend

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3. Start making your own money

At the end of the day, in some cases, you can’t take the stinginess out of the man. So babe, time to make your own money and stop relying on his cash. If he sees you making your own money and realizes you don’t need him, the fear of losing you might reset his brain.

In case he’s not stingy and he’s just broke, see how to date a broke guy and don’t forget to ask us questions in the comment section, we look forward to hearing from you.


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