Why You Shouldn’t Contact Your Ex After A Breakup


After a breakup, we are tempted to try to find out what went wrong and get closure or some form of understanding. But the best thing to do after a breakup is to stay completely away from your ex. We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t contact your ex after a breakup and what you should do instead.

These are some reasons you shouldn’t contact your ex after a breakup

Contacting him will make it difficult to heal

Trying to relive the past and going over what you could have done better or not done would just make it difficult for you to heal. In order to heal you need time away from constant reminders of the past. So no calls, no text, no social media stalking. Definitely no social media stalking!

why you shouldn't contact your ex after a breakup

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You’ll embarrass yourself and look desperate

Trying to keep contacting a guy who has made it clear he doesn’t want you is just plain silly. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want you? And on top of that, you’ll give him a story to tell about how his ex still wants him back.

Staying away helps you rediscover yourself

Sometimes we need to feel the pain to do get the push we need to change our lives. Breaking up with a partner can be the reason you decide to take that new job in another state or another country. It might be what propels you to start out something new. Basically, it gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

why you shouldn't contact your ex after a breakup

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It’ll keep you from giving other people a chance

Staying glued to a toxic relationship might be blinding you to all the other opportunities out there. There are probably a lot of really amazing guys trying to get your attention and you can’t see it because you’re hooked on someone who isn’t available.

The fact is, breakups happen for a reason, you weren’t supposed to be together. You need to hold on to that. Sometimes we see only what we want to see, so we don’t see just how wrong someone is for us. Staying in touch with your ex is never a good idea. Speaking of which, this is how to remove him from your life completely.

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