Signs Of A Weak Relationship You Mustn’t Ignore


One of the worst things you can do is waste your time on a relationship that is going nowhere, or worse, will only bring you pain and heartbreak.

Recognizing the signs of a weak relationship will give you two options. You and your partner will either work to change things or end the relationship completely.

1. You obsessively go through his phone

This usually happens in situations where the trust has either gone in the relationship or it was not even there in the first place. You only dig for dirt in a partner’s phone when you stop believing the words that come out of their mouth. Hence, you convince yourself it’s the only way to get the truth. This is not a habit of someone in a happy relationship.

signs of a weak relationship

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2. You depend on silent treatment to get your point across

You’re angry so you decide to say absolutely nothing in hopes of making him come around. This is one of the signs of a weak relationship and it shows you have a problem with communication. You either believe he cannot hear you unless you’re silent, or you cannot express your feelings in any other way.

3. You’re waiting for him to change

If you’re not honestly in love with who your partner is today and are only waiting for him to be a certain way, this is dangerous. Yes, change is a constant in life. However, there’s no guarantee that he will change into the ideal partner you want. In fact, things may even get worse. Instead of waiting, how about you save yourself some time and find someone who’s already what you need.

signs of a weak relationship


4. More tears than laughter

Love shouldn’t hurt so much that you forget the last time you two laughed together. This is for sure another one of the signs of a weak relationship. If tears and pain are a constant, it’s important to get out for your own sanity and mental health.

Keep in mind that these are not signs you should spot in yourself alone. If you notice your partner doing these, it’s also a red flag as well.

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