Lady Reveals Why She And Her Husband Live In Separate Houses


A lady has taken to Twitter that she and her husband live in separate homes and she also gave reasons for it.

Read her tweets below…

My husband and I live in separate homes. I have my own place. And we share one. Keeping my place is the best decision ever.

For those that keep asking, “ArE YaLL SePeRaTeD?” No. We aren’t. We live together. We share one home together. I take a few days out of the week to sleep at MY place because we both appreciate the peace and a break. How is this not a simple?

Also, we share a son. So I get a good nights sleep without my son a few times a week and so does he. This works for our work schedule and daily life. It’s kinda nice cause it feels like we’re still dating sometimes. He’s not a cheater, so you can dead that topic. We just living.

I feel like y’all making this harder to understand than it really is.

Let me mute this tweet cause y’all got a boxed in idea of marriage. We don’t fold for no one. We don’t let society tell us how to live. We good over here.