Cuppy and Zlatan situation was not aboutGelato – Rexxie reveals reason for fallout


Nigerian Journalist Joey Akan has revealed what led to the fall out between Zlatan and DJ Cuppy.

According to Akan, Zlatan’s friend Rexxie narrated what happened between DJ Cuppy and Zlatan on Clubhouse yesterday, January 29.

Zlatan and DJ Cuppy’s situation was not the collaboration of their hit song ’Gelato’ and that Zlatan and the producer got their fair share from the song. He also stated that the money from the song was not the problem.

The actually problem was the Abuja fundraiser event which was hosted by DJ Cuppy. According to Rexxie, Cuppy invited Zlatan as her guest for the event but he wasn’t taken care of.

Zlatan flew in, performed at the fundraiser, spent money on hotels and tickets for his crew which led to him cutting her off completely and also blocking her on social media.

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