Lady called out for allegedly receiving fund from different men for 1 child


Video vixen, Lyn Magodo a.k.a Lady Storm has been called out for allegedly receiving child upkeep fund from different men.Reports gathered that the video vixen allegedly collected money from different men for the upkeep of one child.

Lady Storm was exposed after a DNA test conducted on the child revealed that the baby was not fathered by businessman Tinarwo “Mukanya” Gotora as she has always claimed, but by a South African-based car dealer, Luckmore Pongolani.

The car dealer, Luckmore Pongolani in an interview with H-Metro revealed he decided to go public with the news after Lady Storm denied him access to their child and insisted on running more tests.

In his words,

“I have just called you to clarify on my paternity row with Lady Storm, which has been raging on for the past three years.

“As I have always maintained from the start that DNA tests should be conducted, she has not been cooperating insisting that Mukanya (Tinarwo Gotora) who was married to her was the father since he provided for her needs before they split.”

He also accused the dancer of defrauding multiple men by using the little girl to claim money for child support.

“She once came here (South Africa) and that’s when I realised she was also claiming money from another guy in South Africa called Denzel and another old man in Harare.

“It appears she had been having unprotected sex with other men at the same time and I am, glad that I am HIV negative otherwise it could have been another story.

“My daughter’s life is at stake and that’s why I decided to take this action.

“Lady Storm has been nagging me asking for money but she always changes her mind after receiving what she wants from me. “multiple men by claiming money for child support. he said.

Narrating how he convinced Lady Storm to agree to a DNA test for the child, he revealed,

“Firstly, I contacted her so that I could send blood samples to Lancet here in South Africa since I have offices here but she didn’t cooperate.

“I then contacted Global DNA Zimbabwe with her blessings and the results came in my favour.

“­The only problem now is that she is contesting the results insisting that she wants to go for another test with Mukanya.

“What is bothering me now is that she has shifted goalposts insisting that I am supposed to compensate Mukanya for the lobola he paid for her.

“To be honest, I won’t compensate another man because I have been deprived access to my daughter for a while and her mother’s lifestyle worries me.

“I have also learnt that Lady Storm gives my daughter beer especially ciders and that she talks vulgar in the presence of our daughter which is grossly unfair.

“In short, all I want is custody of my daughter, I didn’t want to share this with the world for our daughter’s sake, but it was Lady Storm who started it when she told a Zimbabwean daily paper that I was not the father.”

With Lady Storm refusing to talk on the issue, Global Diagnostic Centre Zimbabwe representative Mugabe confirmed the dancer was contesting the results without proof.

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