Lady shares heartbreaking experience with her mother after she fell into coma for 7 years


A lady has shared her terrible experience with her mother after she had an accident and fell into coma for 7 years.

She wrote;

“I was just 20 years old at that time, and I remember I was coming back home from one of my friend’s birthday party. I was on the bike when some car collided with my bike. I fell from the bike on the road and the next thing I remember, I was in a hospital bed. I count feel my body, I couldn’t move but I could feel the light in the room and the people taking around me. But I couldn’t even open my eyes, the only thing I could do was hear people talking. I heard the doctors say to my parents, “your daughter is in a coma, we don’t know if she will ever wake up or not”.

I could feel my mom and dad crying but I couldn’t do anything about it. I wanted to get up and say, “Mom! Dad! I can hear you! I’m alive!”. But I couldn’t do anything except to just hear them.

The doctors told my parents that I couldn’t do anything. I was like dead but I was not, the doctors didn’t know that I could hear. My mom didn’t want me to come back home, I heard my parents arguing. Mom wanted to keep me in the hospital because I was like a burden to her, but my dad didn’t want that. He just couldn’t leave me like that.

Thanks to my dad, I was sent to the home. I was kept in my bedroom with the life support machine attached to me. Many relatives and friends visited to see me, I could hear them crying and sobbing but I couldn’t do anything about it. To them, I was dead but I was not.

Soon, people stopped visiting me except for my dad. My dad came to me at nights every day, he used to cry holding my hands, he used to tell me how much he missed me. I wanted to tell him that I lived loved him too, but I couldn’t do that.

My mom rarely visited my room, and whenever she came to my room, she cursed me! She wanted me to just die. My father however, worked harder to pay for my medical expenses while my mom, she wanted to turn off my life support but my father denied her from doing so.

Almost one year passed by, my dad came to me one day and said, “my baby! I can’t see you anymore like this, I won’t be visiting you anymore, I can’t bear watching you like this anymore”. My father stopped visiting my room, the only thing that stayed beside me was my dog, Bunny! Bunny never left my side, he was always in my room as if he could feel that i was alive and I could hear him.

Soon, my mother moved me to a small room. Apparently, I was just wasting her valuable space, she wanted to use my room for herself so she moved me to a storeroom where there was only enough space for my bed and machine. My mom treated me as if I was just another furniture in the room. 2 year passed like that.

My room was close to the living room, soon happened something shocking, my mom brought home he lover. Apparently, she was cheating on my dad with a rich man. My parents separated soon and my father was all alone by himself. I wanted to hug him and tell him that he was not alone, but I couldn’t do that.

Soon, my father sent me to a nursing home because there was no one at home to take care of me. Life became like hell for me. At least at home, I could hear my dad talking, I could feel Bunny sitting beside me. But no one was with me anymore, I could just feel the nurse coming to my room twice or thrice in a day. All I knew was my name and that I was still alive, all my memories felt like they were faring away.

4 more years passed like that and I hadn’t head from my dad for the last four years. Why was I even stil alive till then? Then happened something shocking. My dad visited me for the first time in years, he came to me and sat beside me. He held my hand tightly and then he started crying. He said, “Baby girl! Today is your 26th birthday, I couldn’t resist myself from coming to you, I am going to take you back home, I have saved enough to afford a nurse at home for you”.

I could feel my father’s tears dropping on my shoulder, I wanted to touch my father and tell him how much I missed him. I tried my all to raise my hand, but I couldn’t. I tried my all, and I was able to open my eyes. My dad was surprised and afraid at the same time. He ran straight to the doctors, the doctors came and called it a miracle.

My brain had healed itself over the last 6 years. I went through several surgeries over the next one year and finally, I was back to normal. I told my dad everything, I told him that I could hear everything. Media and TV Channels came running to cover my story, but thanks to my dad, I could avoid them and stay in peace.

It is not a happy story, it is not a sad story, it is just my story. How I lost 7 years of my life.

The happiest moment of my life was when I returned home and saw Bunny, he was old that he could barely walk but he was able to recognize me at a glance, like I was never away. I hugged Bunny and cried the hardest that day. Most of you might not believe my story, but it is how it is.”

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