Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took – Precious responds to the allegations Femi Fani-Kayode made against her


Precious Chikwendu has responded to the allegations her estranged husband Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK) made against her.


Days ago, Media Consultant to former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, Honourable Oladimeji Olaiya, released a statement accusing Precious Chikwendu of trying to kill FFK and their 4 sons.


The mum-of-four has now responded and she said she’s doing this for the sake of her sons.


She addressed each allegation made against her in the statement by her estranged husband’s Media Consultant.


The former beauty queen denied being a golddigger by narrating how she was already independent and successful before meeting FFK.


She also pointed out that FFK’s accounts were frozen at the time she met him.


She said their relationship started with her “caring and having a deep concern for him while he was under EFCC investigation”. She added that it “later transited into a supposed romantic relationship that became oppressive, obsessive, and abuse.”


She added that her marriage to him was “based on false pretence as he lied that he had divorced his last wife, Regina.”


She also alleged that he was abusive and beat her up when she was pregnant with their first son and the triplets. She alleged he would punch her stomach and get his bodyguards to hold her down whenever she resisted.


"Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took" Precious responds to the allegations Femi Fani-Kayode made against her


She also alleged that with the help of police officers, FFK locked her up behind the counter multiple times and once instructed CSP Aisha Yesufu to handcuff her and strip her naked in front of their domestic staff.


She also claimed that he locked up her family members in the police station too whenever they tried to intervene when he’s beating her up.


On the allegations of infidelity, Precious  said she couldn’t have because she “walked around with at least four police officers and three bodyguards” and everyone avoided her because of it.


She insisted she never had any extramarital affair. She added that FFK “perceived every schoolmate, ex, cousin, or male voice as a potential lover over the phone.”


She also spoke about what finally led to the breakdown of their marriage.


"Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took" Precious responds to the allegations Femi Fani-Kayode made against her


Read her full statement below.



My name is Precious Chikwedu, a graduate of the University of Calabar, Miss Untied Nation 2014, and a Nollywood actress since 2007. Naturally, I maintain a calm disposition when in crisis, being goal-oriented and not a talker of any sort. But I am now forced to respond to these allegations for my children, well-being, and career path.

As a student, I lived a moderately comfortable school life with self-sustaining businesses. Upon graduation, I got a job in a construction company. I bought my first car as an undergraduate and have chains of businesses before meeting FFK. I was also into modelling and had several endorsements as an International beauty queen, in addition to my job; these are verifiable facts.

My Financial Status Before Marriage

I am from a middle-class home where my Dad provides for all my needs. Moreover, I have always been industrious and a provider rather than a collector. Before I met FFK, I worked in a quarry/construction company in Calabar and lived an extremely comfortable life. I could afford cars within my means, caring for my parents and siblings. I built my parents a house in Nanka, my hometown, in 2012 before heading over to Kingston to win the Miss United Nations title in 2014

The Gold-Digger

I am tagged a gold-digger due to misconception, ignorance and some people relying on deliberately planted falsehood. It is unfortunate that when I met Femi in 2014, he already had his bank accounts frozen by the EFCC, and they remain frozen to date. He opened another bank account when he joined the Goodluck Jonathan campaign team in 2015. The present government initiated an investigation based on the campaign funds source. And his campaign account was frozen again. Common sense can show that he may have been financially constrained while I was with him.

My relationship with Femi at the time we met was more of me caring and having a deep concern for him while he was UNDER EFCC PROSECUTION. However, it later transited into a supposed romantic relationship that became oppressive, obsessive and abusive. Femi turned into a control freak that tried to control even the very breath that I took.

Femi posed as a lonely and abandoned man who gave his all to his loved ones but was left alone in his moment of need (EFCC trial). He spoke bitterly of a Regina, who he said fled to her country, abandoning him when President Yar’Adua’s government ordered the EFCC to investigate him for money laundering. The court also mentioned her name.

Marriage Under False Pretence

I want to state clearly that my marriage to FFK was based on false pretence as he lied that he had divorced his last wife, Regina. I found his marriage certificate in 2016 during the EFCC raid at our then home. When I confronted him about this, he said that he is about starting Regina’s divorce process and added that he had not seen her in the last ten years. He further explained that he never fancied her and that their relationship was that of a mother and son kind. At the time I left, he was technically married to her former wife.

On Regina’s claim that she gave her consent for me to be married to FFK, this is a ridiculous and blatant lie. How could she have permitted a relationship she only found out about through social media? This event happened precisely on FFK’s birthday when he deliberately leaked my pregnancy photos after another argument between us and I had to leave the house. He did that to show the world that I was pregnant with his baby. Suffice it to say that we had agreed to keep the pregnancy private before then.

FFK’s Aggressive Behaviour

While I was pregnant with the first child and later the triplets, FFK was habitually beating and mostly punching my stomach. Anytime he was angry and moody, describing my unborn babies as cockroaches or “a thing” that he will knock off my belly. In one of these attacks and kicking on my tummy, my late mom and my sister visited, and they threw themselves in between us to stop him from further attacks. In his anger, he hit my mum in the head. After that, FFK ended up accusing my sister of assault and got her detained at a police station for coming in-between his punches and me.

Whenever I resist his humiliation and beating, he will deploy his bodyguards to wrestle me down. In most cases, he called CSP Aisha Yusufu, the then Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Asokoro Police Station. Who usually would come with her team to harass, handcuff, arrest or lock me behind the counter for hours until Femi was satisfied that I have been punished enough. My siblings were locked up countless times as well. He would always boast of his connections to the government and the system, saying nothing any member can do.

During one of his domestic abuse with the DPAisha and her team from Asokoro police station, FFK instructed that they handcuff and strip me Naked. It was done in the presence of his domestic staff, bodyguards and attached VIP police officers. They injected me with a strange substance, and I lost consciousness. I woke up in a facility, which they later told me is a hospital, not knowing the number of hours or days I stayed there. My triplets were six months old at that time.

As I say this, I am very afraid for my life. He keeps threatening me at every turn. I have since petitioned the Police but nothing has been done yet but I’m only trusting God.

The Breakdown of the Marriage

The intervention of family members and FFK’S social circle was one hold back factor that kept me in the relationship much longer. Notwithstanding how dangerous, especially from Femi’s Mental Health challenges. I wanted to leave the marriage a long-time ago but could not due to the fear factor of FFK. He often lectured me on the crime of passion and how I will not live to tell the story or being looked at by another man. The fear of Femi losing it and hurting my children in retaliation for my leaving did not help matters. Moreover, the death of both my parents within a short space of time made me more vulnerable.

The verbal and physical abuse increased upon my refusal to have another set of children he had instructed and further used his doctor. I planned to travel overseas for delivery during my pregnancy, a decision that made Femi uncomfortable. The doctor told lies that I have certain conditions like placenta previa in my early first trimester and made it unsafe to travel. Other events happened where bullet shells were planted in my shop, my siblings accused and locked up by SARS, and my passport seized by Femi also hindered me from travelling. I concluded that something was not adding up and decided to go for a second medical opinion. I had no medical condition and was misdiagnosed. FFK planned all these incidents to stop me from travelling overseas.

I had a myomectomy on 31st July 2020; FFK disapproved of the doctor; after my surgery at the Hospital, he instructed the domestic staff not to give me food or drinks. Upon discharge, I arrived home to his usual stage-managed drama. I had no strength to deal with that at that point, so I picked my handbag and left with nothing to allow him to calm down, considering his mental health challenges.

He shortly sent messages through friends to tell me never to put a foot in his property, or he would get me locked up for good. It was how he ended the marriage; I left with only the clothes I wore from the Hospital. He never allowed me to park my properties or take my children.

FFK Media Story About My Parents

FFK claims presented on social media that he took care of my parents for years, got my siblings jobs and a residential apartment. The truth is that FFK asked for my mother to be brought to Abuja to stop me from my frequent travels to the East. He could not get me to pay less attention to her as my mom and I was inseparable. My mother was already down with cancer a year before I met FFK. I had provided for her needs to help tackle it but based on her religious convictions, and my mom refused to get rid of her lumps. By the time she got to Abuja, her cancer had spread.

Not denying that FFK made contributions to her chemotherapy and some hospital bills, but I funded most of the money from my savings. Furthermore, FFK was locked up in detention then. On burying my mom, FFK made his contribution, which Rev Okey Onyemachi received, my mother’s brother. It was mostly money to tend to his high-profile guests and give them a comfortable sitting area. My family catered for the rest of the burial expenses.

My Dad was in Abuja for treatment in late November 2019 and passed on on 7th January 2020. The apartment FFK claimed to have rented on social media was the house I rented in December 2019 before my Dad’s birthday. It was because FFK refused to bring my Dad down to Abuja to care for him. He claimed that my father’s people are responsible for the lack of financial flow, according to his prophets.

Sadly, my Dad only spent a week in the house I rented for him before he got critically ill on the night of his birthday. After that night, my Dad was rushed to a hospital, where he eventually passed on.

To date, none of my siblings got even a single referral from FFK for anything, let alone a job. As an in-law, FFK contributed 1.5 million Naira to my Dad’s burial and later said that the money was part of my dowry. He grudgingly did it to allow (traditionally) him to mourn my Dad as an in-law. He had earlier refused to do the rights after our introduction in 2015, after my first son’s birth.

Allegations of Cheating

My years with FFK were completely shrouded; I walked around with at least four police officers and three bodyguards. Friends avoided me even in church as I had a heavy security presence even during offerings and thanksgiving. He perceived every schoolmate, ex, cousin, or male voice as a potential lover over the phone.

I have never had an extramarital affair as dubiously alleged. On the contrary, FFK brought strange women into our matrimonial home at the slightest opportunity.

Claims of Cruelty to My Kids

It is laughable to read the claims of cruelty from someone who has never raised any of his kids physically since I have known him. How can I be cruel to children that I took lots of pains to bear, to make an ungrateful man who complained about having no sons happy? Both births were IVF conceived, and I took needles for months before and after. I take my kids to school, church, playgrounds and shopping and every other thing that could make them happy as kids. I practically shared my days in his house on my social media pages out of boredom. People who followed loved my boys’ love, as these memories still linger on my social media walls today. I love my kids, and they mean everything to me.

I run an NGO that deals with education for the less privileged. I started with primary and secondary school projects as miss United Nations. My love for children has been traceable from time. My accuser is the one who deceived innocent children with a scholarship scheme that turned out to be a fraud. He offered scholarships to three hundred students for top schools in the Benin Republic through my foundation in May 2020.

He did not send One kobo to any student or school. To uphold his honour, I went through the detailed vetting of another scholarship scheme in a better school. FFK abandoned these children and plan after making an empty promise and putting them through complete admission procedures. Suffice it to say that the school and I still bear the responsibility of seeing these kids through.

I tried unsuccessfully to see my kids even at natural grounds, but Femi made it impossible. I refused to go back to the house to see them as every corner of the house, Toilets, Bathroom, Kitchen, Sitting room, Bedroom, the Gate, front of the House reminds me of Femi beatings, stripping me naked in presence of his workers, instructing his Body guards to beat me or using the Police to wrestle me down before putting handcuffs.

These were the demons I have been battling including ignoring his lies and fabrications.

An Indictment on his not so Intelligent Person

Honestly, I have just bared my life of over 20years to the world, but then again, what can I say? I take complete blame for my wrong judgment on the choice of FFK based on empathy and naivety. However, I cannot help but wonder if all these frivolous claims of my indecent lifestyle as portrayed by FFK is not an indictment of his insecure mind.

You cannot have a harlot for a wife and showcase her to the world almost every day with the best captions and poetry to go with it if she is not a fantastic soul. Except for cause, he hides the demonic atrocities he committed while trying to appear as an excellent husband. The FFK I lived with will have the said videos shared if any infidelity claims are distantly valid for ALMOST SEVEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE!

After two heartbreaks, I made one wrong decision, believing that an older man will love and make me happy. All I did was love FFK, fight for him and gave him sons he never had. I did everything for him – I was his barber, editor, nurse (before and after he had his presumed COVID 19), chef, image-maker, and stylist without limit. Physical and verbal abuse was what I got for all these sacrifices. Lies, all sorts of inhumane treatment, and now attempting to keep my tender age children away from their mother.